Rooftop Solar PV Systems

Roof PV System is suitable for house,school and rooftop of warehouse, which include chicken coops and scaffolds built by animal husbandry can be installed.

Ideal candidate:

1.Rooftop of cooperation building or warehouse.

2.Government facility and school rooftop.

3.Roof of greenhouse.

4.Scaffolds of animal husbandry.

Advantage of Roof PV System:

1.Heat insulation and energy saving: reduce the room temperature by 3-5 degrees, saving air-conditioning costs.

2.Leak-proof can also protect and extend the life of the building roof.

3.Effectively use of idle space on the roof to increase passive income.

4.Reduce carbon emissions and enhance the image of enterprises and institutions.

Notice for Roof PV System:

1.Whether the original building structure supports the construction work and the weight of the solar panels.

2.Whether the roof or scaffolding is suitable for direct erection or need to be reinforced first.

3.Properly use the roof space,and make fortune by PV System.

4.Windproof grade and roof drainage plan.

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Cases of Rooftop Solar PV Systems

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