The Importance of Maintaining Solar PV System

Good maintenance could improve the safety of the system, maintain the efficient operation of the power plant, optimize the power generation efficiency of the system, and increase the owner’s income.

ACMEPOINT Energy Services has branch offices in North, Central, and South of Taiwan within professional maintenance and engineering design teams, and has its own cloud monitoring system, which can monitor and diagnose abnormalities in real time, and repair them quickly.

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Digitalize the Maintenance of Solar PV System

Cloud monitoring center provides real-time information.

Control the situation of the case at any time, and the system will automatically respond to situations such as “device abnormality”, “system abnormality” or “system not connected”.

Schematic diagram of cloud monitoring center’s feedback of device abnormality.

Equipment and system abnormalities are displayed on the system in real time, and relevant personnel are notified.

Cloud monitoring center provides real-time information of the case.

After completing the internal notification, the maintenance team can immediately contact the responsibility person.

Real-time information helps grasp the daily power generation information.

Internal and customers keep abreast of the latest situation of power generation every day.

Create professional and reliable services by experience in construction and maintenance.


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