Ground–mounted Solar PV Systems

Ground–mounted PV Systems is installing at ground or elevated on the ground. It frequently use at not suitable for farming, or for land that is subsided and polluted, so that the land can be recuperated and reused for a long time.

Ideal candidate:

1.The land not suitable for farming and subsidence.

2.The land which needs to be recuperated, like which is polluted or soil salinized.

3.The land along the sea, which is windy and high salinized.

Advantages of  Ground–mounted PV Systems:

1.Reuse: reuse the land , recreate the value.

2.Increase multiple choices of using the land: Short- and medium-term use of publicly owned idle assets.

3.Economic benefits: can be resold to Taiwan Power in order to obtain economic benefits.

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Case of Ground–mounted Solar PV Systems

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