Floating Solar PV Systems

Floating Solar PV system is solar system which could be installed at large reservoir, retarding basin and impounding reservoir, even at salt field and fish farm.

In addition, there are many researches shows that floating Solar PV system does not have negative impact on ecology, Even the United States began to install Floating Solar PV system decade ago. There have been many cases in other countries such as the United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, South Korea and other places, and no ecological impact has been found after many years of operation.

ACMEPOINT Energy Services is the first cooperation which invest 100% Taiwanese technology in the development of Floating Solar PV system and has successively completed parallel connection and power generation.

Ideal candidate:

1.Public large reservoir, retarding basin, and impounding reservoir.

2.Private fish farm.

Advantage of floating PV system:

1.High efficiency power generation: Floating PV system has 18~19% higher power generation.

2.Slow down the growth of algae: to avoid direct sunshine, and slow down the growth of algae, reduce eutrophication.

3.Slow down water evaporation: slow down the rate of water evaporation and increase the utilization rate of water resources.

4.Increase the use of water resource: to increase multiple uses of water resource.

Notice for floating PV(Solar PV) System:

1.Environmental factors: Water level changes, driftwood, volatility, floods and low water phenomena, etc.

2.Product factors: The components must be waterproof, moisture resistant, and corrosion resistant.

3.Construction evaluation: need to accurately control the environmental factors, resulting in the coexistence of Solar PV system modules and the environment.

4.Frequently maintenance:For example, the bird habitat is likely to affect the solar panels, and must increase the cleaning and maintenance needs.

More than 246 construction experience and affirmation to provide more complete solar PV (Solar PV) System design and construction services

Case of Floating Solar PV Systems

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