Principles of PV System and Power Generation

The solar power generation system absorbs the heat energy of solar radiation through solar PV panels and converts it into direct current, and then converts the direct current into alternating current through an inverter. AC power can be temporarily stored in the energy management system for backup, or it can be connected to the Taiwan power grid and resold to Taiwan power.

Pros and Cons of PV System

Solar PV system are widely recognized as the most advantageous method of power generation, and they even play an important role in the adjustment of Taiwan’s energy structure.

The advantages include:

  1. The solar PV system has low construction and maintenance costs.
  2. Cooperation and even households have the ability to invest in the construction of s Solar PV systems.
  3. It can reduce the indoor temperature by 3-5 degrees and save air-conditioning costs.
  4. It can protect and extend the life of the building roof.
  5. The building area has the highest flexibility; the smallest power plant is as large as a residential roof and as large as several hectares.
  6. Effective use of idle facilities and activation of idle assets.
  7. The power can be resold to increase passive income.
  8. Reduce carbon emissions and enhance the image of enterprises and agencies.

One-shop System Planning

  • Aerial photography with computer simulation to provide high-quality planning services

  • The team includes architects, engineers and construction technicians, providing comprehensive consulting services

  • Government subsidy planning and application

  • Make sure to execute according to plans

  • Basic requirements for earthquake resistance and resistance to hurricane

  • Within complete construction safety protection measures, reduce the impact on plant operation

  • There are industrial safety personnel in the enterprise to check the construction quality of each case

  • Adopt high-efficiency and stable solar modules

  • Industrial grade high stability converter

  • According to the roof material and structure, choose suitable primer and paint, could improve the waterproof and durability

  • Regularly inspection and system maintenance services

  • Within real-time monitoring system to actively respond to low-efficiency power stations

  • The first visual power station monitoring platform and early warning notification to assist technicians in quickly solve the problem

  • Brach offices in North, Central and South of Taiwan, provides quick service to every case

PV System Installation

Rooftop Solar PV Systems

Floating Solar PV Systems

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Ground–mounted Solar PV Systems

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