Promote Corporate Governance And Execution

The company is responsible for the supervision and execution of corporate governance-related affairs, which is mainly the responsibility of the management, including:

(1) Provide information required by directors to perform their business and provide paper meeting materials seven days before the board meeting.

(2) Review the release of important information of important resolutions of the board of directors to ensure the legality and correctness of the content of the re-information, so as to ensure the equivalence of investor transaction information.

(3) Plan and handle the annual schedule of the board of directors and the date of the shareholders meeting and other related matters.

(4) Handle company registration and change registration.

(5) Prepare the minutes of the board of directors, its functional committees, and shareholders’ meetings and provide them within 20 days after the meeting.

(6) Assist independent directors and general directors to further their studies in accordance with the company’s industry characteristics and directors’ learning and experience background.

(7) Draft the agenda of the board of directors and notify the directors seven days in advance, convene the meeting and provide meeting materials, and remind in advance if the issues require interest avoidance, and complete the minutes of the board of directors within 20 days after the meeting.

(8) Supervise and improve the implementation of corporate governance of the company.

(9) Convene a legal person briefing.

(10) Receiving investors and responding to relevant questions asked by investors, and explaining the results of corporate governance implementation to the internal and external parties of the company, etc.


The board of directors is the company’s highest governance body. Directors are elected by the shareholders meeting. The qualifications and selection methods of independent directors are in compliance with the provisions of the “Measures for the Establishment of Independent Directors in Public Offering Companies and Matters to Be Followed”. Affiliated persons and non-operating personnel of the company or its affiliates to ensure its independence.

The company selects and nominates board members based on the company’s own operations, operating patterns and development needs, taking into account gender balance, age, academic experience, and independence, etc., and all members have the professional knowledge, skills, and practical experience required to perform their duties. And ethics, indeed implement the diversity of board members.

PresidentHUANG, SYUE-SHENGDepartment of Industrial and Information Management Business Management
Industrial Analysis
Strategy Management
President of Zhong Yu Feng Energy Technology
President of Zhong Chien Feng Energy Technology
President of Ju Shen Energy Technology
Board Member of ARES Optronics CO.,Ltd
Board Member of Ming Cheng CO.,Ltd
Board MemberLI, GUO-CINNational Cheng Kung University
Department of Electrical Engineering
Business Management
Industrial Analysis
Board MemberLI, ZIH-JHENGNational Taiwan University
College of Law
International RelationshipDirector of Department of Archives, Informations Management and Telecommunications
Director of Department of Asia-Pacific Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Coordination Council for North American Affairs,CCNAA
Secretary of the North American Representative Office in the Netherlands
Secretary of the Department of Treaty and Law of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Secretary of the Representative Office in IsraelSecretary of the State Organization Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Senior Consultant of European Bank
Special Committee Member of the Research Institute of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Deputy Director-General of the Department of Treaty and Law, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Representative of the representative office in Oman
The Minister of Foreign Affairs College of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Board MemberLI, CHUAN-LAISoochow University School of LawEconomic
Secretary of the Congress Liaison Group, Ministry of Economy
Consultant of Sustainable Circular Economy Development Association
Taiwan Power (Stock) Corporation / Act Promotion Senior Professional Manager
Independent DirectorLIOU, SIANG-TAIPhD National Cheng Kung University
Industrial Management;
National Cheng Kung University
Institute of Electrical Engineering
Math planning
Production management
Performance assessment
Board Member of Hi Sharp Tech
Dean of Department of Management of Vanung University
Technician of Zhong zheng University
Independent DirectorLI, LI-JHONGPhD University of Wisconsin Law School

MA American University Washington College of Law

Boston University,
Law School
Soochow University School of Law

Intellectual Property Law and Competition Law
Corporate Law and Corporate Governance
Securities Exchange Act
Banking Law
Trust law
Insurance Law
Independent Director of Shangyang Technology Co., Ltd.
Director of Multi-level Marketing Protection Foundation
Director of Zhaofeng First Venture Capital Co., Ltd.
Chairman of Yongjian Culture and Art Foundation
Chairman of the China National Law Reform Promotion Association
Director of Changhua County Private Fraternity Service Center
Supervisor of Xianghe Culture and Education Foundation
Director of China Direct Selling Law Society
Director of Risheng Co., Ltd.
Head of the Department of Finance and Law, Asia University
Full-time Associate Professor of Ming Chuan University
Member of the Fair Trading Committee of the Executive Yuan
Visiting Scholar at New York University
New York University World Trade Organization Intellectual Property Rights Working Group
International Lecturer of OECD Global Corporate Governance Group
Independent DirectorBAI, SING-HUEIDepartment of Accounting, Tamkang University
Department of Accounting, Providence University
Independent Director of Kaiyi International Group Co., Ltd.
Associate of M&A Transaction Service Group of Anhou Jianye Lian Accounting Firm
An Hou Jianye United Certified Public Accountants, Audit Director
Senior Auditor of Anhou Jianye United Certified Public Accountants
Part-time Lecturer at Jinri University, Evergreen University
Associate of Investment Banking Department of Yuanta Polaris Securities Co., Ltd.
Independent consultant

Compensation Committee

The company established the Salary and Compensation Committee in 2018. The composition of the Salary and Compensation Committee follows the organizational rules of the Salary and Compensation Committee and is appointed by the board of directors. The main powers include regular review of the performance evaluation of the company’s directors, functional committees, and managers. And salary and compensation policies, systems, standards, and structures, and propose amendments to the organizational rules of the salary and compensation committee. The current members are 3 independent directors.

The Audit Committee

The audit committee aims to assist the board of directors in supervising the quality and integrity of the company’s implementation of accounting, auditing, financial reporting procedures and financial control.

The matters reviewed by the Audit Committee mainly include:

Financial statements; auditing and accounting policies and procedures; internal control systems and related policies and procedures; major asset or derivative commodity transactions; major capital loans and endorsements or guarantees; raising or issuing marketable securities; derivative financial products and cash investments Circumstances; compliance with laws and regulations; whether managers and directors have related transactions and possible conflicts of interest; appeal reports; fraud prevention plans and fraud investigation reports; information security; corporate risk management; qualification, independence and performance evaluation of visa accountants; visas Appointment, dismissal or remuneration of accountants;

According to the laws and regulations of the Republic of China, the members of the audit committee should be composed of all independent directors. The Audit Committee of ACMEPOINT Energy Services Company complies with the above-mentioned laws and regulations.

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