Promote Corporate Governance And Execution

The company is responsible for the supervision and execution of corporate governance-related affairs, which is mainly the responsibility of the management, including:

  1.  Provide information required by directors to perform their business and provide paper meeting materials seven days before the board meeting.
  2.  Review the release of important information of important resolutions of the board of directors to ensure the legality and correctness of the content of the re-information, so as to ensure the equivalence of investor transaction information.
  3.  Plan and handle the annual schedule of the board of directors and the date of the shareholders meeting and other related matters.
  4.  Handle company registration and change registration.
  5.  Prepare the minutes of the board of directors, its functional committees, and shareholders’ meetings and provide them within 20 days after the meeting.
  6.  Assist independent directors and general directors to further their studies in accordance with the company’s industry characteristics and directors’ learning and experience background.
  7.  Draft the agenda of the board of directors and notify the directors seven days in advance, convene the meeting and provide meeting materials, and remind in advance if the issues require interest avoidance, and complete the minutes of the board of directors within 20 days after the meeting.
  8.  Supervise and improve the implementation of corporate governance of the company.
  9.  Convene a legal person briefing.
  10.  Receiving investors and responding to relevant questions asked by investors, and explaining the results of corporate governance implementation to the internal and external parties of the company, etc.
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