• 2021, OCTOBER 12

    Passed the new-edition TÜV Rheinland PV power plant O&M system certification (2 PfG 2672/11.18) and received AA rating

  • 2020, December 17

    Passed the ISO 14001:2015 & ISO 45001:2018 environmental safety and health management system certification

    2020, December 17

  • 2019 December

    Passed the ISO 9001:2015 certification

  • 2019 July

    China Credit Information Service ranked 212 in the 2019 TOP5000 service industry operating performance

    2019 July

  • 2019 May

    Common Wealth Magazine’s 2000 survey of major companies-ranked 99th in revenue in the optoelectronics industry in 2018

  • 2018 April

    Five large-scale floating Solar PV systems were completed, with a total installed capacity of 10 MW

    2018 April

  • 2018

    Milestone Title

    Milestone Content goes here

  • 2017 December

    The organization was adjusted and the North, Central, and South District Sales Offices were formally established

    2017 December

  • 2017 December

    Completed Taoyuan’s hand-made floating Solar PV system (installation capacity 2MW)

  • 2017 July

    2017 July

  • 2017 March

    It signed with the Taoyuan Farmland Water Conservancy Association the right to use the Liubi irrigation reservoir site

  • 2016 December

    The FCS Phase II-IV rooftop Solar PV system project was completed (installation capacity 1,159.055KW)

    2016 December

  • 2016 September

    Funds increase of 77,000 NTD was processed, and the paid-in capital after the funds increase was 227,000 NTD

  • 2016 April

    2016 April

  • 2015 December

    The Kaijing Phase I to Phase IV rooftop Solar PV system project was completed (installation capacity 1969.5KW)

  • 2015 November

    The Wuri Rooftop Solar PV system Project was completed Yuding Electric (installation capacity 577.63 KW)

    2015 November

  • 2015 January

    The company increased its capital and issued 14,500 thousand new shares and acquired all the shares of ACMEPOINT. The solar business division was divided by the company. After the capital increase, the paid-in capital amounted to RMB 150,000.

  • 2014 October

    ACMEPOINT Energy Services was established with a paid-in capital of 5 million Kaohsiung Office was established in March 2003

    2014 October

  • 2014 March

  • 2013 May

    The Tainan Yongkang rooftop Solar PV system project was completed and accepted by Xing Aluminum (installation capacity 316.5KW)

    2013 May

  • 2012 June

    Completed the Pingtung Linluo Farming and Animal Husbandry rooftop Solar PV system Project Lin Wei has four fields (installation capacity 1,034.466KW)

  • 2011 May

    The Kaohsiung Forest Park Rooftop rooftop Solar PV system Plant Project was completed in Asia Convergence (installation capacity 496.06KW)

    2011 May

  • 2010 May

    ACMEPOINT Energy Services established the Solar Energy Department, which was the predecessor of the company.

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