Corporate Governance

Abiding by national laws and regulations is the basic standard, and we also examine every aspect of corporate governance with high ethical standards. As stated before, a complete set of internal systems and norms have been established. Every new partner must participate in education and training, and in-service employees have to participate in various regular and occasional internal training activities so that the system and norms can be implemented.

At the same time, the company’s supervisors have the right and responsibility to review and adjust this system and norms. To improve the corporate governance and keep up with the times, we establish open channels to receive feedback from partners so that the company can respond to internal and external factors such as organizational growth, regulatory changes, and environmental changes.

In addition, we also expect financial transparency and disclosing non-financial performance. Investors, partners, and the public are welcome to supervise us to focus on every aspect of our corporate governance continually.

Create Friendly Working Environment

We believe that providing a great working environment can better promote the active contribution of partners. Therefore, we not only comply with labor laws and regulations, but also proactively provide diversified welfare measures to encourage each partner to obtain growth opportunities.

Since 2015, we have promoted maternity subsidies to reward employees for giving birth. Encourage employees to study, improve their skill and provide scholarships and credit subsidies.

It is the goal of the management team to continue to provide a comfortable workplace environment and adequate communication channels.

According to the provisions of Article 31 of the Articles of Incorporation, after the total profit in the current year make up for loss, no less than 10% of the total amount shall be allocated as employee compensation. The Company’s board of directors has resolved and passed the 10% as the distribution ratio of 2021’s employee compensation on March 14, 2022. The remuneration is expected to be issued in 2022.

The Company has formulated the “Regulations of Employee performance assessment” and “Regulations Governing Management of Remuneration”. Based on these operating procedures, employee performance appraisal results and the year-end bonus system are effectively linked, motivating employees to create operational performance.

In consideration of the revisions of the Regulation for Basic Wages, the operating performance and price index, the Company does not regularly adjust the salary to meet regulatory requirements and maintain the standard of living of employees (the 2022 average annual adjustment is approximately 0%~4%).

Product Service Optimization

ACMEPOINT Energy Services is committed to building high-quality and sustainable renewable energy power plants and providing green-energy-related services. The businesses we operate and the communication between customers and us often involve the needs of specialties in professional fields. For example, land and building regulations, engineering and construction safety, energy product selection, management and control systems, etc. Accordingly, we are willing to provide all kinds of information or details and share them with customers proactively. In this way, customers could better feedback their feelings to our front-line partners. These valuable opinions have become the source of drive for ACMEPOINT Energy Services.

In addition, our service is not a one-time buyout service. Except for the warranty, it also includes regular maintenance operations, so we are working hard with a partnership mindset. It is not the end of the business after each project launched officially, but the beginning of a closer relationship between the customer and us.

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