ACMEPOINT Energy Services is leading brand of large Solar PV system

ACMEPOINT Energy Services is a corporate which specialize in Solar PV system and monitoring system, since establishment has installed more than 200 Solar PV systems in Taiwan, with a total power generation of more than 206Gwh.

We not only provide one-stop service, but consider in a long-term planning and operation, In turn, we have won the trust of government departments and companies, making us a leading brand in Solar PV and management system.

Start from Solar PV system, also thrive by Solar PV system

In 2010, we established the Solar PV business department under ACMEPOINT ‘s subsidiary, which was the starting point for ACMEPOINT Energy Service’s development. In four years, we have successively assisted many listed companies to build large-area Solar PV generation systems, including AUO and Asia Aggregation are our customers. However, the Solar PV system business needs professional talents and technology to provide customers with long-term service resources, and a complete team and logistical support are needed to assist customers in making lasting energy management plans. Therefore, ACMEPOINT Energy Services was formally established in 2003.

One-stop service

Now we established one-stop service, from evaluation, power plants planning, subsidy application, construction, city power parallel circuit, monitoring system and follow-up warranty and maintenance service has become a complete SOP process, which has enabled our business to grow rapidly, and reach clients all over northern, central, and southern Taiwan; as of June of 2020, the Solar PV system we have laid has been installed 199MW, becoming one of the fastest growing companies in Taiwan’s solar energy industry.

231 Solar PV systems plants installed, make us smile

The completion of 231 solar power plants in these 10 years has made us smile. The achievements are not only our sense of honor but also confidence in our technology. More importantly, this experience has made us even braver to take on challenges. We are determined to complete another 100 large-scale solar power systems in the next four years! We are looking forward to bring hope to the environment where the supply of electricity is insufficient and where the energy structure is in urgent need of adjustment!

Promote the concept of green energy power generation for sustainable development

ACMEPOINT Energy Services achieves moreover than the benchmark; we pay attention to the safety, efficiency, long-term usage, power storage, and management system intelligence of each solar power system. We have a research and development team that continues to work hard on the optimization of Solar PV system and maintenance. We are also willing to step into the development and application of various green energy power generation technologies, and then provide customers with the most advanced solutions, so that we could continue to lead in the field of power generation and green energy.

ISO Certification

 ISO 90001: 2015 Quality management systems
Issuing Organization:SGS
Validity period:2025/12/7
Validation Scope:All business centers of ACME

ISO 14001:2015 Quality management systems
Issuing Organization:SGS
Validity period:2023/11/29
Validation Scope:All business centers of ACME

ISO 45001:2018 Quality management systems
Issuing Organization:SGS
Validity period:2023/11/29
Validation Scope:All business centers of ACME

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